FillPro the long awaited successor of Tankbuch ist out now!

FillPro is flexible, easy to use and complete.

With FillPro you can manage your cars, fillups and costs.

How much does my car cost by mile or by year? Answer these questions on a press of a button!

You’re driving a BiFuel-car? No problem, even Tri- or more is possible!
Your car drives special fuel? Just define it, no problem!

FillPro supports backup, restore and export of data using your Google docs account. A Google docs account is freely available at
Google. Just enter your access data, it’s never been easier to save your data. The Google docs account is not part of FillPro and not provided by osXwerk.de.

With Google docs you can even import your Tankbuch-data.

Note: FillPro also supports the „british mode“, pump litres and display consumption in MPG (Imperial Gallons of course!).

Graphical consumption display

Fuel management

Fillup detail

Overview of fillups

Google docs for backup and restore